The company

We are born to create spaces that upgrade hance people’s quality of life. We use the beauty of nature in order to make a difference.

Our vision

We envision a world full of dreams, smiles and moments that turn into unique life experiences. We deliver unique living spaces through high-end creations and by using wood we aim to change your life.

We create the spaces of your life

We connect nature with experience
We respect and love nature

For us, every tree represents the beauty of a living creature.
Our goal is to bring out this dynamic and transform it into a living experience.
We mix the beauty of nature with the deep know-how and passion for creation.
We are then a link between nature and experience.

Our Values

We respect its beauty and power.
Therefore we work with natural wood in order to feel the warmth of nature in every room.

We use environmentally friendly products and techniques.

So, we are committed to creating a better world.

We are here to bring your dreams and aspirations to life.

Taking your satisfaction into consideration, we listen to your vision and make our suggestions.

We believe that a space cannot be a life experience unless it reflects our own personality.

Every suggestion we make is unique, because you are unique. Far away from ready-made solutions, our suggestions are based exclusively on your demands. Our innovative way of thinking and the constant exploration of the new, lead to solutions that you have not imagined before. From a classic floor to your kitchen, office or yacht, we choose construction and finishing textures, colors and patterns that go beyond your expectations.

Customization is at the heart of our thinking and processing techniques.

Every material is chosen by us and is handmade.Our techniques treat wood with the love that it deserves, so that its beauty is kept intact in every creation.

Technological advances complement the most demanding ‘control tool’, the human eye.

Our goal is to create experiences that will change your life.

Meeting the highest quality and aesthetic requirements as well as implementing specialized solutions are at the heart of our vision. We instantly become your partners. We support your dreams while act as your designers and consultants from the beginning till the end of each project.

We are open to partnerships with noted professionals, as that is the only way to bring the best result.

After all, success does depend on good cooperation.

Our people

We as humans have the privilege to go after our dreams. We have created the most exclusive team of experts that will actually help you make your dreams come true.

Designers – Architects

We are proud of our designer and architect team. They are all professionals with a passion for perfection, they can feel your dreams and capture them with great detail.

With the help of the latest technologies (3D imaging) and the team’s advanced training in technical implementation, they know how to support you throughout the whole process.

Wood experts

Only an expert can successfully work with a living creature such as wood. Wood experts, who are familiar with its textures and unique styles, can maximize its potential by using specialized and thorough technical knowledge.

Installation Team

The completion of a project depends on the proper installation whether it involves flooring, kitchen, wardrobe or your yacht. With over 50 selected experienced installers, we can guarantee the perfect implementation of even the most demanding designs.

Get ready for your next experience!