Our vision

We envision a world full of dreams, smiles and moments that turn into unique experiences. We are here to bring into life unique living spaces through high-end wooden creations that will change your life.

Our mission

We inspire you to live every day to the fullest. We think, we design, we choose, we make wooden creations that are both innovative and timeless. We constantly look for new ways to bring out the powerfulness of the nature and wood. We seek perfection in whatever we do.

We create unique life experiences

For us, any creation makes sense when it changes your life. When it becomes a unique life experience.


We see the floor not only as a piece of your personal space. It is the ground upon which we lay the foundations of a beautiful life.

It is a unique creative canvas where comfort and good aesthetics dominate. We have the tools, welcome to the world of the senses!


Handmade creations that change the perception of the kitchen area. We see the kitchen as one of the most important spaces, since its pleasures and delights can truly upgrade the quality of life. We create kitchen interiors that reflect your dreams and aspirations.


Personalized design that maximizes your space, without sacrificing your aesthetics. The optimal use of materials in combination with our exclusive technologies leads to a unique design of exceptional quality.


We define the notion of elegant entrance. Whether it is outdoors or interior, we design handmade doors that stand out. Security, great aesthetics, personalized design at low prices.


We create tailor-made staircases that stand out, from simple to more complex and special constructions. Taking advantage of all the wood variety properties, we design, build kai place staircases that ultimately become a statement.


Handmade creations of great value. If your office reflects your business vision and status, we can offer you handmade high-quality wooden furniture, created through specialized techniques. The idea and the space all come together and match with the modern design and the wood’s timeless value.


We live for the challenge. We create customized structures for your yachts. Whether it is the deck or the interior of your yachts, we have the most cost-effective and versatile solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding. By blending new technology products and our highly specialized team of experts, we wish to bring your vision to life.

We are inspired by nature
We create for you

We transform your living spaces

Inspired by nature, we use wood in ways you never imagined. Our goal is to turn your spaces into life experiences.


We create spaces that reflect your personality. Whether it is your home or your cottage,

we are here to offer holistic personalized solutions for your floor, kitchen, doors and wardrobes.


Your visitors are the ambassadors of new experiences. H.O. R.E.C.A is a place where the creation of new experiences can truly guarantee success.

Floors, kitchens, bedrooms, wall decor, furniture… you can enjoy anything you have ever imagined; hotel, restaurant or cafe.


We see every store as a place for creating experiences. Therefore, we deliver exclusive tailor-made solutions and products

for floors, showcases or walls, always based on your personality and goals.


Your office is a reflection of your business visions; therefore, we like to treat it as a valuable creative space.

Having the right materials for designing your flooring, doors, and offices we make your dreams come true.


We combine elegance with strong dynamics. We create custom designs for your yacht deck, the floor and the interior.

We upgrade your travel experience by adding value to your dream yacht.

Products with Distinct Signature

We are here to create unique life experiences. The Signature Products series is the first wood creations line for your kitchen, bedroom and office with a distinct signature.

We give you a world of choices

In partnership with the world’s leading wood product brands, we introduce you to the world of creation. We have a world of options for you. Join us!