We see the floor not only as a piece of your personal space. It is the ground upon which we lay the foundations of a beautiful life. It is a unique creative canvas where comfort and good aesthetics dominate. We have the tools, welcome to the world of the senses!


Massif Floors
Massif Floors come from selected solid wood – European, American and tropical – of high quality, with a distinct texture and careful drying.

Massif floors come from selected solid wood – European, American and tropical – of high-quality with distinct texture and careful drying. The wide range of used wood covers every construction and aesthetic requirements. Nowadays, the evolution in design and style give us exceptional results; they can turn a simple room into a work of art. This art can reflect either a majestic space in a professional environment, or a warm and cozy home interior that can provide warmth and tranquility during cold winter nights.

Massif floors provide very good acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, stability in the exchange of weather conditions, long lifespan, as well as the ability to ‘dress’ staircases for absolute uniformity.

At Kokowood you will find massif pinched or sticky wooden floors in free stripes.

Dimensions – Advantages:

  • Thickness: from 10mm / 14mm / 16mm and 22mm
  • Width: 70 – 190mm
  • Length: 500 – 2500mm
  • Species: Oak, Iroko, Teak Burma, Doussie
  • Special designs on request: herringbone – french herringbone etc.
  • Screenings: Oak Isobene – Tartan – Natural – Rustic Tropical Woods a MIX sort

Semi-Massif floors Pre-glazed
Semi-Massif Floors

The semi-massif floor consists of two parts: The bottom (not visible) that is the base of white wood (usually Hevea) or Plywood and the top (visible) that is the wood of choice. The usable selection wood can range from 2,5 to 6 millimeters.

Semi-massifs are generally known as pre-glazed mainly because they are delivered ready to be placed with different styles or different colors. There are two main semi-massif categories: The 1st category is called two layers (2 layer) consisting of plywood and usable selection wood. The 2nd category is called three layers (3 layer) consisting of white wood (2 layers) and usable selection wood. Semi-massifs are supplied either with a “Click” or Male-Female T & G (Tongue and Groove) placement system.

In recent years, the sale of pre-glazed products has increased enormously, for all the above reasons. Ready-to-use wood with unique advantages, such as the variety of colors and styles are sought by those who seek exclusive and modern design.

Thicknesses range from 10mm to 19mm depending on the customer’s choice, and lengths from 1000mm to 6000mm in special cases from our factory.

Wood type choices are just like massif, from Oak and Beech to all African or other tropical woods such as Iroquois, Teak, Doussie, etc.

Laminate floor

Laminate floor consists of 2 parts. The bottom (not visible) that forms the base is called HDF (High Density Fiberboard) and the top (visible) is called decorative paper. These 2 parts get together with the process of lamination. Laminate floors are usually manufactured using the “click” system on all 4 sides for quicker and easier installation. The top parts are usually wood in different colors, with carved or smooth surface and can have a V pattern on 2 or 4 sides. Recently many companies have come up with marble, granite or tile-like surfaces.

Add color to your life

At Kokowood we have the largest selection of flooring in colors, textures and qualities. Depending on your inspiration for your space and your personal style, we offer you the right palette of color options from the world’s top brands. Feel free to dream! We are here to bring your visions into life.

Environmentally Friendly Floors -New technologies

Respecting nature is part of our DNA. We are constantly in research for the most complete range of flooring made of new materials. Materials that are environmentally friendly and technologies that maximize the life of your floor can satisfy even the most demanding customers. We bring Kokowood at your hands.