We combine elegance with strong dynamics. We create custom designs for your yacht deck, floor and interior. We upgrade your experience by adding value to your dream yacht.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Tailor-Made Solutions

We have the know-how and the experienced staff to provide the most personalized and effective solutions for your yacht. Our specialized partners will filter your needs, design the solution that suits you best and recommend all the materials you need. Our installers will be in charge of the project from scratch till finish. Regardless the complexity of your construction requirements, Kokowood offers the best solution.

Specialized Products

We respect the power of nature; the sea is one of its strongest elements and it does require specialized knowledge and products. Working with highly experienced teams, we offer a range of tailor-made creations that enable you to feel the beauty of wood even under the most exclusive conditions.

Yachts Specialized Services

Believing in the dynamics of the Yachts’ market, we are one of the few companies to have developed a relevant experienced team. In addition, we provide a range of specialized, bespoke services that will meet your aspirations and needs.

  • Needs identification and project evaluation
  • Installation planning, detail and plan evaluation, site metering and 3D drawing using 3D scans
  • Installation – supervision
  • Quality check
  • Maintenance and repair consultancy
  • Specialized cleaning and maintenance services