At Kokowood every interior is an opportunity to create a real living space. It is a unique canvas upon which our experts create exclusive handmade furniture that go beyond your personality. All you have to do is rely on us!


Handmade creations that change the perception of the kitchen interior. We see kitchen as a space full of pleasures; our kitchens connect important moments throughout the day. We create kitchens that reflect your dreams and aspirations. Beyond the typical models, our kitchens incorporate the most imaginative designs that incorporate new technologies and innovative techniques. The art of mixing affordable bespoke wood creations of great aesthetics, high technology, personalized design, craftsmanship and top-quality materials is the essence of our success.


Custom design that maximizes your space without compromising your character. We guarantee innovative design of high aesthetics, wardrobes and cloakrooms, that guarantee great functionality and incredible customer experience. The optimum use of materials and new technologies brings out a unique design you have never imagined before.


We define the notion of elegant entrance. We create doors, from the world’s leading materials, and get inspired by designs and colors you have never imagined. Whether it is outdoors or interior, we design handmade doors that stand out. Security, great aesthetics, personalized design at the most affordable prices.


We create tailor-made staircases that stand out, from simple to more complex and special constructions. Taking advantage of all the wood variety properties, we design, build kai place staircases that ultimately become a statement.


Handmade creations of great value
If your office reflects your business vision and status, we can offer you handmade high-quality wooden furniture, created through specialized techniques. The idea and the space all come together and match with the modern design and the wood’s timeless value.